Update on Hall Groups

August 2021

Hi everyone! We are so excited to see you all in September!

We have made a couple of slight changes to our Hall Groups, which are small Bible study groups that run on a Tuesday evening. These groups allowed freshers to form a community with other first years in their halls.

This year we are renaming ‘Hall groups’ to ‘Impact groups’. These groups will now not only be open to freshers but to all Uni Students. This exciting change means that freshers can become integrated into the Christian Union community and meet other members of the CU in small study groups. The second and third year students can bring valuable ideas on how to carry out our CU mission in our halls, help the freshers evangelise on campus, whilst also learning about the Bible together.

Our Impact group mission is to make people feel part of the Christian Community and to share God’s love on our campus!

To all those who have left Halls Accommodation - please do keep attending your first year Hall/Impact Groups.

Impact groups are a great way of getting to know people in your halls, play games and to learn about the Bible together.

Montefoire Hall Group Leaders

Lavi, Mirium & Peter

Connaught Hall Group Leaders
Connaught & Alternative Accomodation

Alex & Anna

Glen Eyre Hall Group Leaders
Glen Eyre

James, Katy & Lois

Chamberlain Hall Group Leaders


(including Hartley Grove and Southill)

Emily & Scott

Mayflower Hall Group Leaders

Naomi & Robbie

If you study at Winchester School of Arts, you can join the Erasmus Park Impact Group! This takes place on Tuesdays from 7:30-9:00. To find out more, join the group below.

Erasmus Hall Group Leaders

Erasmus Park

Alex & Hemi